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02 October 2013

Christmas is getting closer and closer...

Well,  it doesn't have to be a portrait... art has many shapes... just ask, it is affordable  and  an unique present!!!

27 September 2013

Working tomorrow!!! :)

Portraits tomorrow!!! At the Westgate leisure centre, Chichester!!! we have a nice roof in case it rains...  we also have coffee and Danish pastry!!! Omg!!!
See you there!!

23 August 2013

Drawing portraits On the 24th Of August In Chichester! :)

"When you start with a portrait and search for a pure form, a clear volume, through successive eliminations, you arrive inevitably at the egg. Likewise, starting the same process in the reverse, one finishes with the portrait".

Pablo Picasso.

05 August 2013

Chichester Inn

Sometimes is difficult to continue a painting, so when you come back, the trees have changed, the light is different, the grass is brown... everything changes... is like the canvas is alive and its metamorphosis amazing.
A veces es dificil continuar una pintura, asi que cuando vuelves, los árboles han cambiado, la luz es diferente, el césped se ha vuelto marrón... todo cambia... es como si el lienzo estuviera vivo y su metamorfosis es sorprendente.

06 July 2013

Life portrait drawing!!

Today is the day!! I´ll be drawing on the Oxmarket Centre of Arts during all the weekend (6th and 7th of July) from 10 am to 4 pm is the best chance if you want to get an unique portrait!! 
Please don´t be shy and Feel more than welcome to come!!

27 May 2013

Painting in the woods of Chichester

Nowadays is difficult to find a secure place to paint without being run over either by a tractor or a horse, or even worse, shot!! This was and is the welcome message on the warning signal...

12 May 2013

Sadness... Tristeza

Sometimes you realise how capable you are of doing anything you have in mind... then you feel like you can fly, and you do indeed, you feel free. However, occasionally you forget you have wings... you idiot!

A veces te das cuenta de la capacidad que tienes para hacer cualquier cosa que tengas en mente, entonces sientes como si pudieras volar, y vuelas, te sientes libre. No obstante, otras veces olvidas que tienes alas... idiota!

In Situ

I love painting outside, dealing with a light wind, a stubborn sun which is hiding between the clouds... I love the fact of bearing with this sweet annoyance... but today
is not the day... so, looking forward to the next session :)

Me encanta pintar fuera, lidiar con un viento suave, un sol que no deja de esconderse entre las nubes... me gusta el hecho de aguantar cuando el tiempo no tan fácil...  pero hoy no es el día... aún así, espero con ansia la próxima sesión.